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Remote Work in the Time of COVID-19

The world has changed… Two months ago, if I told you that remote work would be the global norm by mid-April, you’d have thought I was hanging out with Elon Musk too much. And, if I told you that by the beginning of May, you’d make every hire remotely, you …

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How Does IoT Work?

Illustration: © IoT For All “My wife climbed up on the weighing machine and the fridge announced that ‘You no longer have access to me’…” This is how IoT (Internet of things) will work in the future. Though this was a joke, most devices in the future will be connected …

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5 Interactive YouTube Games That Still Work

When you think of YouTube, interactive games probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. However, clever creators once came up with many games you can play on YouTube. Similar to classic “choose your own adventure” books and interactive fiction games, interactive YouTube games let you make choices to …

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4 things this CEO didn’t expect about remote work life

Like most companies, ours transformed virtually overnight into an entirely work-from-home environment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a CEO who rarely worked from home before the pandemic and still prefers the creative vibe and in-person collaboration of an office, I have found the shift interesting and sometimes surprising. While …

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