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Essential Tips for Online Video Conferencing

Heed the Dress Code Treat an online meeting like an in-person meeting and follow workplace standards. Take care of your grooming before you sit down for the meeting. Project a professional face as it adds a sense of normalcy to a remote conversation. Avoid distracting colors that are too bright …

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6 Tips for Hosting Can’t-Miss Virtual Events

Even before COVID-19 drastically changed how we connected, virtual events were on the rise. Companies and brands may have different reasons to host a virtual event, but there are two overarching benefits: Virtual events take less of a budget to host. Virtual events are more accessible. Involving more people and …

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3 Tips for Managing Your Cash Flow During COVID-19

If your brick-and-mortar store is closed or you can’t make your product because your supply chain has collapsed, or you can’t fulfill customer orders, your incoming cash plummets, you could be in a state of negative cash flow during COVID-19. That means you have more cash leaving your business—whether that’s …

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4 Tips for Better Display Advertising During COVID-19

Like most online advertising channels, I have seen my clients shift how they’re using the Google Display Network to help them implement their evolving marketing strategies during the pandemic. I know each account is different, and our approach to optimization should be customized for every single account. But I wanted …

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