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Maximising the value of IoT data

Many technology commentators have talked about data as the ‘new oil.’ In the wake of fallout from the current epidemic, data might also come to be viewed as a utility – like electricity, water and broadband; a vital resource essential to shaping, supporting, securing and optimising, all life. Through the …

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Reinventing the Industrial IoT Platform for Manufacturing

MachineMetrics has developed the ideal solution for manufacturers, combining innovation enablement of an IoT platform with the rapid value creation of a packaged saas service. MachineMetrics’ optimal hybrid approach automates the collection and transformation of real-time machine data, augmented with data from people, other devices, and systems, to provide descriptive, …

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IoT Device Security: Comparing Cellular, LoRa, & WiFi

Illustration: © IoT For All When it comes to connectivity options for IoT solutions, WiFi, LoRa and Cellular connectivity are typically the most discussed options. Though it undoubtedly depends on the use case, traditional day-to-day WiFi is usually dismissed first–at least for any use cases other than consumer applications like …

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IoT Cybersecurity Tips for Stay-At-Home Workers

Illustration: © IoT For All It seems increasingly likely that remote working is set to stay in the wake of Covid-19, with leading brands such as Twitter having announced that its employees will be allowed to work from home indefinitely. This trend is likely to prevail throughout the labor market …

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IoT Monetization in the Post Pandemic Era

Illustration: © IoT For All The current pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital means to carry out day-to-day tasks, and minimize interactions between humans. We are in an era where industrial operations, smart homes and smart offices are driven by connected devices, which will soon outnumber humans. Machine-to-machine connectivity …

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