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A bunch of board games are discounted on Amazon today

Ars Technica Today’s Dealmaster is headlined by an Amazon Gold Box sale on a variety of board games. While we can’t vouch for everything on sale, we have recommended a handful of the discounted games in the past. Perhaps the most notable deal is Kingdomino for $14, which is the cheapest …

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Why all great games need a product vision

Game studios all too often find themselves stuck in the same situation: Production should be underway, but the dev team is still somewhere in discovery mode. Rather than execution and content-build being in full flow, time is being spent debating over fundamental questions that should have been answered at the …

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5 Interactive YouTube Games That Still Work

When you think of YouTube, interactive games probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. However, clever creators once came up with many games you can play on YouTube. Similar to classic “choose your own adventure” books and interactive fiction games, interactive YouTube games let you make choices to …

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