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OpenAI teaches its language model to classify and generate images

In a paper accepted to the upcoming International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2020 conference, researchers at OpenAI demonstrate that certain AI language models trained on pixel sequences can generate coherent images. They say it’s a small but significant step toward understanding and bridging the gap between computer vision and …

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Vertebrae lets fashion retail websites offer AR try-ons, no app needed

If brick and mortar retail stores weren’t already in enough trouble prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re now facing widespread customer concerns about touching products — including hard-to-disinfect goods such as clothes — that were previously handled by strangers. Augmented reality tech developer Vertebrae announced today that it’s ready to help …

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LinkedIn: AI hiring is slowing down due to the pandemic

AI jobs growth is slowing as a result of the pandemic. That’s according to a newly published report compiled by LinkedIn’s Economic Graph Research Insights team, which looked at the health crisis’ implications for the most impacted sectors. LinkedIn’s analysis, which covered a post-COVID-19 period from March 16 to May …

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